1750 Forest Property Safety
and Wellness Operations

The property – including common area spaces and amenity spaces – have undergone operational changes to adhere to new standards including: 

  • Building Access: Tide Point will continue to have 24-7 access for tenants, via card reader access. We will keep you informed of any changes to the normal protocol.
  • Designated entrance(s) and visitor management process: To better accommodate re-entry, vendors are required to use the main building entrance for access. Tenant employees will continue to enter the building through the rear entrance at Cherry Rd or the main entrance at Forest Drive.
  • New elevator access protocols: To maintain social distancing guidelines, elevator loads are no more than 3 persons as designated. All elevator surfaces will be disinfected frequently and elevator floors will be marked for social distancing.
  • Property Management Office protocol – tenant communication: The onsite Management Office will continue to be open to the public by appointment only. Please contact the Management Office at 888-808-5562 or via email at rachel.cox@am.jll.com with any questions.
  • Common Area Use and Social Gathering: We need to limit congregation in building lobby. We encourage tenants to keep these areas open for travel and not gather in groups larger than 10. Social distancing of 6 feet between parties will need to be adhered. Masks should be worn while in common areas of the building.
  • Building Loading Dock, Courier, Food Delivery to Building: Shipping and receiving goods, materials and food deliveries is a big part of property operations and access. All deliveries to the buildings are normal as usual. Most providers are asking occupants to meet them outside for delivery/pickup, so please make sure you confirm with your providers on specific delivery needs.


Health and Wellness

We’re creating and monitoring effective guidelines and adjustments to common area space to balance health, safety and visitor well-being.

  • Housekeeping, Maintenance and Security staff safety: All service providers will be required to follow local AHJ guidelines regarding wearing masks, gloves and other PPE equipment. Current protocol for all vendors servicing building related tasks are required to wear face coverings. This includes, but is not limited to, engineering, property management, janitorial and mechanical contractors. We are not requiring tenants to wear masks inside their leased space, however they will need to wear them elsewhere on the property.
  • Increased cleaning: Housekeeping will be visible throughout public spaces, and there will be enhanced cleaning for high-touch areas. Disinfecting protocols are in place for any area with a positive COVID case, and are available for tenants to contract for their own leased space requirements. Common area water fountains have all been exercised and filters have been changed where necessary.
  • Restroom frequency of cleaning: An enhanced cleaning schedule has been developed to address the frequency of cleaning all high-touch areas per CDC guidelines.
  • Tenant area enhanced cleaning: JLL can arrange for on-going enhanced cleaning in tenant areas if requested (please contact property management to discuss service offerings and above-standard costs).
  • HVAC equipment checks: Maintenance practices have been updated to ensure clean air recommendations are met. Indoor air quality checks have been performed throughout the buildings, water systems flushed, outdoor air flow increased and mechanical filtration upgraded.
  • Touch-free interactions: When possible, touch-free points of entry to the property, as well as touch-free solutions for our public restrooms will be put in place to give peace of mind to our tenants and guests.
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations: Hand sanitizer stations have been installed to supplement current quantities. Stations will be located at various locations throughout the property to encourage safe hygiene practices. 



We’re adjusting and communicating expectations around new behaviors that will increase safety, security, productivity and wellness.

  • Signage: The Property Management team will follow AHJ guidelines for determining maximum occupancy for shared or common areas of the building, as applicable. You’ll notice new signs promoting safe social distancing and health and safety standards including traffic flow, queuing recommendations for elevator usage and amenity space availability. Common area furniture placement and/or temporary removal have occurred at the property.
  • Social Distancing: Property Management will promote social distancing practices in certain areas such as building lobbies, elevator lobbies and elevators.
  • PPE: All employees, tenants and guests will follow AHJ guidelines regarding the use of PPE such as gloves and/or face coverings. As a reminder, all vendors servicing building related tasks are required to wear face coverings. We are not requiring tenants to wear masks inside their leased space, however they will need to wear them elsewhere on the property as indicated.